The Name Is Kray – BBC1, May 1969
A 45 minute black and white show looking at the life and times and trial. Very rare.

Still Krays After All These Years – (The London Programme) ITV, 26th January 1990
A show charting the krays reign of terror and looking at the money the twins were making off the back of the film.
Directed by Jean- Claude Braggart
Presenter Trevor Philips
Cast: Pete Gillett, Charlie Kray, Kate Kray, Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read, Professor Laurie Taylor.

The Epilogue Of Ron Kray – ( Video Release), 1995
Reg Krays’ tribute to Ron Kray with exclusive interview with Reg Kray and footage from the funeral.

Reggie Kray – (Cutting Edge) Channel 4, 17th February 2000
A documentary constructing a case for freeing Reggie Kray from prison.
Director: Norman Hull
Cast: Dave Courtney, Reg Kray, Roberta Kray.

The Krays: The Final Word (Video Release), 2001
Director: Aubrey Powell
Cast: Reg Kray, Freddie Foreman, Tony Lambrianou, Chris Lambrianou.

Flesh & Blood – The Story Of The Krays (DVD Release), 2002
A profile of Ronnie and Reggie Kray, two of the most notorious East End gangsters of the early 60s, as told by their family, friends and enemies. The brothers’ reign of terror, which included extortion rackets, fraud and murder, was brought to an end when they were imprisoned for life, and later inspired the film ‘The Krays’.
Directors: Chris Short
Producer: Pam Bernard

Kray Twins – The True Story of Britain’s most Notorious Gangsters – Biography Channel (DVD Release), 2008
Britain s most notorious gangsters of all time were East-end duo, identical twin brothers Ronnie and Reggie Kray.
They went from rags to riches and became legends in their own time. Throughout the Swinging Sixties, the Kray twins unleashed a reign of psychotic terror across London s crime-ridden East End, leaving a gruesome trail of violence and murder in their path.
Though they spent most of their lives in jail, their legend continues to both haunt and enthral.
When they died, their funerals were like royalty. Tens of thousands turned out in London s East End.
On his deathbed, Reg said, I would do it all again. See how they achieved a level of celebrity, all while running their nefarious operations, hear stories from ex-gangsters, safe crackers and crooks and discover how they were finally captured and convicted in this fascinating programme.

The Kray Twins Walk  (DVD Release), 2009
Director: Chris Sansom
Presented by: Steve Wraith
Cast: Eric Mason, Jeff Mason, Maureen Flanagan

We Ruled London: The Story of the Krays (DVD Release), 2009
To the public, the Krays were celebrities; to their enemies, they were dangerous, ruthless men, dishing out violence and even murder. The Krays operated in the post-war years, where crime meant robbery, extortion and police corruption. This is the story of that criminal underworld, and of the rise and fall of the Kray Twins. From their humble beginnings through to their arrest and imprisonment, this is the history of the men behind the myth.

The Day The Krays Came To Town (DVD Release), 2011
Directors: Neil Jackson & Steve Wraith
Produced by: Neil Jackson
Presented by: Steve Wraith
Cast: Chris Lambrianou, John ‘Mario’ Cunningham, Panda Anderson, Ted Kelly, Dennis Stafford, Paddy Conroy
Download Link: here

The Men Behind The Myth: The Story Of The Kray Twins (DVD Release), 2012
Because of their position as Britains most infamous criminals, much has been said about the Kray Twins and their criminal empire. Using rare archive footage this film takes you behind the headlines and paints a vivid picture of the London crime scene of robbery, extortion and police corruption. It tells the story of how two men from humble beginnings became the nations most feared criminals, then celebrities and ultimately prisoners.
Director: Andrew Gray

The Krays – A Life of Crime (DVD Release), 2012
Broadcaster and journalist Fred Dinenage recalls how he was personally chosen by the Krays to write their story, and takes a journey back through the lives of Ronnie and Reggie to see how right he got it. Dinenage takes a tour through the old haunts of the twins, from Old Repton boxing club where they spent much of their formative years to the Carpenters Arms, scene of the murder of Jack the hat McVity at the hands of Reggie. Along the way, Dinenage recounts his memories of acting as the Krays biographer and speaks to those who were close associates of the twins for the very first time, to find out what the twins were really like. Interviews with Mad Frankie Fraser, trusted enforcer Freddie Foreman, firm member Lenny Hamilton and jewel thief Billy Frost help Dinenage to retrace Ronnie and Reggie s extraordinary lives from their childhood to their heyday and finally to the demise of one of British crime s most infamous partnerships.
Presented by: Fred Dinenage
Cast: Frankie Fraser, Freddie Foreman, Lenny Hamilton, Billy Frost

Frankie Fraser’s Last Stand (DVD Release), 2013
Exclusive interviews with Frankie’s associates and peers combine with period reconstruction and archive images, alongside fascinating insights from the man himself, to tell the story of one of the last old school gangsters.

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