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Jump To Cow Heaven By Gill Adams
Written in 1997 by Gill Adams The play is set in December 1966 and is based on Frank Mitchell’s incarceration in the basement flat after his escape from Dartmoor. The play features Lisa the prostitute and a minder named as John. An intense play and one that will be performed in South Shields in the autumn of 2015.

Bones by Peter Straughan
In a run down porn cinema in 1960’s Gateshead, two Jewish brothers are at war with each other. Their business is on the verge of bankruptcy and they owe a shed load of money to a local gangster. But all their problems seem to be over when one of them kidnaps Reggie Kray. This premiered at Live Theatre in Newcastle in 1999.

Where Do Little Birds Go
This play premiered at Camden People’s Theatre in Hampstead Road in 2014.
This is a one-woman show through the eyes of a young nightclub hostess, Lucy Fuller.
It is based on the true story of her real-life counterpart Lisa Prescott, who was held over four days in an East Ham flat by notorious gangsters, the Kray twins.
Her role was to be a sex slave for an escaped convict, Frank “The Mad Axeman” Mitchell.
Playwright Camilla Whitehill was originally inspired by the dearth of information on this young girl despite her ordeal.

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