The Noughties

charliedeathReg was still having stomach pains and after a series of tests he received a letter from the specialist on the 3rd February 2000 informing him that there is no reason to believe Reg had cancer anywhere.
Then on instructions from Mark Goldstein, his solicitor, Reg had another examination in March with the same outcome.

The same month Charlie had his appeal turned down and was now serving time in Parkhurst.
Charlie’s health had deteriorated rapidly of late and after returning to prison following a short time in hospital Charlie was re-admitted again.
Reg applied for permission to visit him and after a long journey from Wayland to the Isle of Wight Reg was escorted to the room at St. Mary’s Hospital, where Charlie was handcuffed and chained to his bed.
For the next week Reg was to remain at Parkhurst and stayed in Charlie’s cell.
Then on the evening of 3rd April Reg was rushed to St Mary’s.
Charlie’s condition had deteriorated. He was on oxygen, his eyes were shut he could no longer speak.
Reg stayed with him for over a hour and Charlie passed away the next day.
Like Ron’s funeral, Reggie wanted to organise everything with the help of Roberta and Charlie’s girlfriend Diane.
Charlie was to receive the same funeral is Ron and it was another big affair. Everybody wanted to see Reg.
Charlie was buried next to Ron on the 19 April 2000.

On the 4th July 2000 Reg was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed as having a minor kidney infection.
After a couple of weeks had passed and even after taking the the medication he had been issued the pain was still there.
On 27th July he was moved to Norwich prison hospital were he was kept for observation.
He was diagnosed with having a urinary tract infection.
On the 3rd August Reg became violently ill and was starting to throw up blood. An X-ray revealed a large blockage in his intestine and he needed a operation.
During surgery Reg lost a lot of blood and it was believed he also suffered heart failure.
A large growth was removed from his intestine, which was cancerous and he was placed in intensive care.
After more scans & X-rays it was discovered he had incurable cancer and was given just weeks to live.
His solicitors applied for release on compassionate grounds and eventually on 26th August 2000 Reg was released.

regdeathOn the 22nd September, not wanting to die in hospital, Reg was taken to a hotel 10 minutes away called The Town House.
He was given the best room there, over looking the river.
Shortly before he settled in there he gave a final TV interview, which was broadcast on primetime BBC1.
In it he revealed there was one other murder that he had not been convicted of, but did not reveal any more details.
Reg kept fighting till the very end and lost his fight on 1st October 2000.

His funeral ten days later was a big occasion but on Roberta’s wishes it was not to be a gangsters funeral like the last two.



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