Beyond The Grave

3brothersThe legend and myth surrounding the Kray family has continued even after the deaths of all three brothers.
There are several feature films in production about their lives and associates who felt unable to talk about their past while the Krays were alive have released books as well, although without anyone alive to confirm or deny the claims within their pages its hard to distinguish the truth from the myth.
One of the best and most reliable books released in recent years is Krazy Days by Micky Fawcett.
A comprehensive list of books about the family is on the Books page of this site.

Many inaccuracies and wild claims continue to be made about the family.
Some have a glimmer of substance to them and others are totally laughable, however in building this website we have tried to stick to the facts.
In truth, the brothers took many secrets to the grave with them but speculating about what may or may not have happened is disrespectful to the family who remain and who played no part in the criminal activities of the brothers.

Joe Lee and Rita Smith, the brothers’ cousins are still very much with us and continue to be the true keepers of the story behind the family. There are a handful of extremely distant relatives scattered around the country too but it is Joe and Rita who really know how it was to be a part of this infamous family.

Ron, Reg, Charlie, Violet, Charlie Senior and Frances are all buried at the family plot, nicknamed Kray Corner at Chingford Mount Cemetery, located at 121 Old Church Road, London, E4 6ST.




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