kraysfilmThe 1990’s was big news for the Krays and anyone around them.
Gary and Martin Kemp starred in a film based upon the life of the brothers, which was directed by Peter Medak.
It was a massive box office success and is still regularly repeated on TV channels around the world, but the twins hated it.
In particular they objected to the portrayal of their mother swearing and they fell out with Charlie over it.
As the only ‘free’ brother Charlie had been assisting with the film and as well as Violet’s portrayal he also was instrumental in the financial deal which gave the family a flat fee for the film and did not include any profit share or repeat fees.

The fallout between the twins and Charlie was bitter and lasted several years.

Throughout the 1990’s Reg continued his tour of British prisons moving from Lewes to Nottingham, then back to Gartree, Nottingham, Leicester, Blundeston, Maidstone finally ending up in Wayland in 1997.

In 1993 Ronnie divorced Kate for adultery.

On 15th March 1995 Ronnie Kray collapsed in Broadmoor with a suspected heart attack.
He was transferred to Wexham Park Hospital on the 16th, where he was visited by Charlie and one of his oldest friends Laurie O’leary.
On leaving the hospital Charlie gave a statement to the waiting press telling them that Ronnie was in an excellent mood and was getting better.
Ronnie died the next morning on the 17th at 9.10am.
Reggie was told the news by a fellow cellmate who had heard it on the radio.

ronfuneralRonnie was buried on the 29th March 1995 at the family’s plot in Chingford.
Reggie made all the arrangements from inside prison and ensured that it was to be the biggest funeral since Winston Churchill’s.
There was a great deal of press and news coverage of the day and it was Reggie’s first public appearance in over 13 years.
Dave Courtney ran the security for the day, providing hundreds of security staff who lined the route of the procession.

On 8th March 1996 Charlie Kray’s world fell apart after the loss of his son Gary to cancer, aged just 44.
1996 was also the year Reggie began complaining of stomach pains.
Then later this year Charlie was arrested and charged with two other people with supplying 2kg of cocaine, valued at £300,000 and conspiring with others to supply cocaine valued at £78 million to undercover police.
He was sentenced to 12 years

July 1997 saw Reggie married Roberta Jones in Maidstone prison.
Roberta had been introduced to Reg when she visited him in prison to discuss working on the PR for the release of Reg’s video tribute to Ronnie (Epilogue), which had been largely filmed on the day of his funeral.

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