vifuneralIn August 1982 the Kray twins made their first public appearance in over 13 years to attend their mothers funeral.
Each were escorted to the service with the biggest guards the prison service could supply.
It was like a media circus and the twins were not allowed to attend the burial itself, only the short church service.


When in March 1983 their father passed away they gave great thought to attending but having witnessed the way the media circus at their mothers funeral both Reggie and Ronnie declined to go.


It wasn’t until 1989 that Reggie finally became a category B prisoner, having been moved from prison to prison (Long-Lartin, Wandsworth, Wormwood Scrubs, Gartree, Lewes).
In 1987 he was pictured on the front page of the Sunday Mirror working out in the prison gym and a detailed story about his life inside was published inside on several pages.

As for Ronnie he was settled in at Broadmoor and married Elaine Midener in 1985.
With the media constantly harassing her the pressure of being married to one of Britain’s most notorious criminals got too much.
After two years Elaine wanted a divorce, which was finalised in 1989.
Ronnie went on to marry again, the same year to Kate Howard.



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