ronbroadmoorRon & Reg
With the trial over Ronnie was to begin his sentence at HMP Durham.
Reggie was sent to Parkhurst on the Isle of Wight.
On 10th January 1970 Ronnie slashed his wrists following a severe bout of depression.
Their mother Violet campaigned for the twins to serve their sentence together and on 24th March 1970 Ronnie was tranferred to parkhurst to be with Reggie.
On 23rd May 1973 the twins attacked fellow inmate Stuart Grantham, causing him to receive over 40 stitches.
It was later claimed that the attack was due to Grantham being a bully and a nuisance.
As time went on Ronnie’s mind began to deteriorate and finally in July 1979 he was transferred to Broadmoor.

Immediately after the trial all the brothers were remanded at Brixton Prison after sentencing.
Charlie then went on to serve his sentence at Chelmsford, Albany and Maidstone Prisons.
In 1973 Charlie discovered his wife Dolly was seeing another man – George Ince.
Ince had been implicated in a high profile murder case and Dolly had provided an alibi under the pseudonym of Doris Gray. However, at the trial the judge referred to Dolly as Mrs. Kray instead of Mrs Gray and the truth was out.
On 19th April 1974 Charlie was given weekend release and chose to spend it meeting with Dolly to end their marriage.

Charlie was finally released on licence on 9th January 1975.
On his release he stayed with a old navy friend, George Dwyer and his family.
The Dwyers had threatening phone calls regarding Charlie but nothing was ever done about it.
In 1976 Charlie wrote ‘Me & My Brothers’ and in 1978 with the help of an old friend of the twins he started the Charlie Kray Agency.


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