charlieOn 9th July 1926 Charlie Kray Junior was born in Hoxton, East London to parents, Charlie Senior and Violet.
The East End was quite the opposite then to what it is today.
In fact, ever since the City of London had begun to expand in the middle ages the east of the City was traditionally where the slums and the smelly and undesirable businesses were located.
Still within living memory were the killings of Jack The Ripper, who had terrorised the area in 1888.
It was always a fiercely close-knit community. Many of the residents were living in poverty, none were particularly well off and all lived off their wits.
By the time Charlie was born the area had changed very little but his father scraped a living together dealing in second hand clothes and things weren’t that bad in the Kray household.
But tragedy struck in 1929 when Charlie’s parents lost another baby, a girl they named Violet after her mother.
It took Violet a long time, naturally to get over this but soon something happened that changed everything…
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