This page details the many books written about the Kray family.
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The Profession Of Violence – John Pearson
The first book written on the Kray Twins now being made into the film Legend.




Our Story – Reg & Ron Kray

The twins first book which reads well but with the passing of time has been proved to be factually incorrect and the twins went on to contradict themselves in future books.



Born Fighter – Reg Kray
A brutally honest account of Reggie Krays life and crimes giving a fascinating insight into his state of mind in the 1990’s.



Villains We Have Known – Reg Kray
A great book for previously unseen photographs and descriptions of friends and associates of the twins.




Thoughts – Reg Kray
The original version of this book is quite rare. Contains Reggie and Ronnie Poetry. No Photos.




Reg Kray’s Book Of Slang – Reg Kray
A rare book in hard back form. Some great photographs and Reggies take on cockney slang.




My Story – Ron Kray
A book that Ron wasn’t too pleased with in the end. Contradicts his previous comments in Our Story.




A Way Of Life – Reg & Roberta Kray
A book started by Reg and finished by Roberta on Reg’s life inside. A must read.




Me And My Brothers – Charlie Kray
Various versions of this book that Charlie did with Robin McGibbon. All of them in there own way good reads and musts for a collection and reference.




A Man Apart – Roberta Kray
A unique reflective view on the life of Reg through the eyes of his second wife Roberta.




The Krays The Geordie Connection – Steve Wraith
This book gives an insight into the Krays life and times behind bars.




The Krays From The Cradle To The Grave – Wayne Lear, Neil Jackson, Steve Wraith
A comprehensive book of photos, letters, cuttings , poetry and artwork.




krayzydays_coverKrayzy Days – Micky Fawcett
The best book by a former friend and associate on the market. A must read.




WonderfulWorldOfLoLThe Wonderful Life Of Laurie O’Leary
In his own words Laurie tells the story of his life and his long Association with the Krays.
Very rare book, only 100 were printed.




Ronnie Kray A Man Among Men – Laurie O’Leary
Laurie was perhaps the Kray brothers’ oldest and most loyal friend and this book is a must read for anyone interested in getting beneath the skin of one of gangland’s most complex characters.
Among other things, Laurie reveals the private side of Ronnie, a compicated and troubled man – how he reacted to being certified insane after a nervous breakdown in 1958, and how he coped with being a homosexual in a hard man’s world.


The Kray Brothers The Image Shattered – Craig Cabell
Nothing new in this book. Not essential reading.




Branded – Lennie Hamilton
A book that looks at Lennie Hamilton’s life and encounters with Ron Kray.




The Enforcer – Albert Donoghue
Reggie’s right hand mans memoirs.
This book was later repackaged and titled ‘With a Gun in My Hand’.



The Kray Files
Colin Fry’s take on the life and times of the family.




unfinishedbusinessThe Krays Unfinished Business – Martin Fido
This book accompanies a major ITV series and uses previously unseen material and eyewitness accounts that expose the true nature of the Krays and their cohorts and lays bare the facts behind some of the twentieth century’s most notorious crimes. Central to the story are new insights into the murders they committed – and one they got away with – which were not revealed to the public until January 2000.


204203200_The Kray Twins Walk
A pocket book guide to the Krays manor.




The Krays And Me – Charlie Bronson
Charlie Bronson gives some great insights into his time inside with Ron Kray.




Inside The Kray Family – Joe Lee & Rita Smith
A great insight into the family by the cousins of Ron, Reg & Charlie.




Escape From The Kray Madness – Chris Lambrianou
Chris Lambrianou’s take on the rise and fall of the Krays and their firm.




Inside The Firm – Tony Lambrianou
A candid account from Tony Lambrianou about Jack The Hat killing in this book.




Free At Last – Kate Kray
Some rare photos in this book but low on content.




Sorted – Kate Kray
A compact book. A good read. One of Mrs Krays Better efforts.




menofviolenceThe Twins Men Of Violence – Kate Kray
Nobody knew the twins like Kate Kray. Married to Ron before his death, she was granted unique access into the shadowy world they inhabited, and was entrusted with some of the darkest secrets they possessed – secrets that could never be revealed until they were both dead.



Reggie Krays East End Stories – Peter Gerard
A compilation of stories about various characters that Reg Kray came across by Peter Gerrard.




The Krays Their Life Behind Bars – Robin McGibbon
A book full of private letters and new revelations and stories on the Krays life behind bars.




The Cult Of Violence – John Pearson
The follow up to the much acclaimed Profession Of Violence.




Notorious – John Pearson
John Pearsons most recent book where he tries to tie up the loose ends of previous publications.




The Krays A Violent Business – Colin Fry
Claims to be a definitive inside story. It is far from that.




The Krays The Final Countdown – Colin Fry
Another of Colin Frys books which comes up short on new or interesting content.




The Krays Lieutenant – Albert Donaghue
The first release of Albert Donaghues book about his life and crimes in the Kray firm.




The Barmaids Tale – Mrs X
A first hand account on the Murder Of George Cornell.




Married To The Krays – Kate Kray
A book low on written content but photos make it a worthwhile purchase.




Doing The Business – Charlie Kray & Colin Fry
A look at the Krays involvement with the American Mafia.




Nipper – Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read
The man who nicked the Krays tells his story. Some great insight.




portfolio1The Kray Portfolio – Jocelyn Bain Hogg
A limited Edition photographic album signed by the twins only available at auction nowadays.


The Brutal Truth – Eric Mason
A frank, honest and open account about Eric Masons time with the Krays.




Inside The Brotherhood – Leslie Payne
The Krays Mr Fixit gives his account of his life on the firm and the part he played in their downfall. Rare book.




Murder Without Conviction – John Dickson
A revealing book by one of the Scottish members of the Kray firm.




The Rise and Fall Of The Brothers Kray – Brian McConnell
Another rare Kray book which is penned from a journalistic perspective.




Getting Away With Murder – Lennie Hamilton
The follow up to Branded. Nothing new. Not essential reading.




Respect – Freddie Foreman
A gripping read from the real boss of London’s Underworld.




Getting It Straight – Freddie Foreman & Tony Lambrianou
A conversational book which gives new insight into major Kray events.




Brown Bread Fred – Freddie Foreman
Another must read book from the Kray’s biggest ally.




JamieGangsters, Guns and Me – Jamie Foreman
Jamie Foreman is one of Britain’s most iconic actors. He is also the son of Britain’s most notorious gangster, Freddie Foreman.
The happiness of his family and school life was snatched from Jamie when his father was sentenced to ten years in prison for his involvement in the killing of Jack “The Hat” McVitie.


Joey Pyle – Joey Pyle
The autobiography of the Krays close confidant.




Buller – Buller Ward
Great account of Buller Wards infamous altercation with Reggie Kray.




patsymanningCrumpet All The Way – Patsy Manning
A hard to get hold of title. A review will appear here soon.




The Frayne Brothers – The Frayne Brothers
Story of the Copy Cat Welsh Brothers.




Bringing Down The Krays – The Teale Brothers
A controversial book with stories never heard before.




billywebbRunning With The Krays – Billy Webb
For three years Webb and the twins were on the run together as army deserters, and over the course of time, he was a friend, ally and foe of the Krays in their violent rise to fame. Reggie Kray was particularly scathing about this book, claiming it was full of lies.



The Englishman And The Mafia – Wilf Pine with John Pearson
Touches on his life with the Krays but more of an autobiography.




Crime Archive The Krays – James Morton
Not essential reading but gives an a-z on life and times.




Gangland 1 and 2 – James Morton
Two very informative books on Gangland as a whole touching on The Krays.




EastEnd Gangland – James Morton
More concentration on the Krays and their firm in this Morton book.




crimesofkraysCrimes Of The Krays – James Morton, Mrs X, John Dickson
This omnibus brings together the two previously released titles CALLING TIME ON THE KRAYS by Mrs X and MURDER WITHOUT CONVICTION by John Dickson.




Tom Driberg His Life And Indiscretions – Francis Wheen
Touches on the Kray connection.





Mad Frank – Frankie Fraser
Great book giving some insight into life in the Richardson gang who were the Krays biggest foes.




My Manor – Charlie Richardson
One of two great books which give Charlie Richardson’s views on his rivalry with the Krays and the infamous torture trials.




My Final Confession – Charlie Richardson
Second of two great books which give Charlie Richardson’s views on his rivalry with the Krays and the infamous torture trials.




The Last Word – Eddie Richardson

Eddie gives a brutally frank and honest account of his life and times which includes his views on the Kray brothers.




Stop The RIdeStop The Ride I Want To Get Off – Dave Courtney
The original behind Vinnie Jones’s character in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – tells all in his no-holds-barred bestselling autobiography.
From the streets of southeast London to bare-knuckle fights; from the funeral of Ronnie Kray to drug-deals turned sour in Holland – Dave Courtney’s story is like no one else’s.



Legends – Stephen Richards
A book which includes brief tributes to all three brothers.




Frances The Tragic Bride – Jacky Hyams
A look at Reggie Krays teenage bride Frances Shea.




LastGodfatherThe Last Godfather: The Life and Crimes of Arthur Thompson – Reg McKay
This fully revised edition of “The Last Godfather” is a great standalone book that includes some info about Thompson’s relationship with The Krays.




NewleyThe Krays And Bette Davis – Patrick Newley
Patrick writes candidly about his experiences as a friend and colleague of the most eccentric and infamous figures of the 20th century.




BlundellTop Drawer Villain – Eddie Blundell
True life story of Eddie blundell, who had dealings with the Krays & the Dixon brothers.




Wannabee In My Gang – Bernard O’Mahoney
Not essential reading.




The Krays Not Guilty – Joseph Henry Gaines
A fictional book based on the idea that the Krays go not guilty in 1969.





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